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Connect people with your business from around the globe.
The 21st century way.

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Biztabs is business focussed niche orientated social network built apon several frameworks that provides a tool to enable you to create a dialogue around your product and services in a way that retains your brand identitity yet enables rapid discovery via niche interest and topical content agregation.

It's lightweight, powerful and comes with an user-friendly interface. With Biztabs you can deploy your own social network, social intranet or personal profile page as a standalone or embed it to your existing web page.

Boost your business, support your customers, teach your students or organize your football club. It's on you.

Meet the benefits

NON-INTRUSIVE Biztabs is completely pull driven, meaning users will only see apples if they search for apples or view a niche that holds relevent content.

FLEXIBLE With a powerful module system you can extend Biztabs by using an array of other tools, or write your own and or connect existing software.

SECURE SERVER Your data, your rules. Biztabs won't impose- You are in the full control of your data and hold user suscribtion contact emails.

SERVICES We don't leave you alone. We support you with your projects and provide professional services around Biztabs.

Social communication like you
know it already

Communicate like you already do in other social networks, just with your own rules. Write posts and updates, share files, like and comment just the way you want it.
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Say hello to "Biz Spaces"

The communication in Biztabs works with Biz spaces. A space can literally be anything, a project, a group or just a simple topic. For every space you can invite multiple users and make up your own access rights and rules.

Your digital V-Card

Extend your profile, create your portfolio, connect with other people, find the right person with special skills, inform your followers with updates on your own wall and and and...
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Unlimited possibilities

With modules you can modify anything on Biztabs. Spaces, Profiles and other things according to your requirements. Anything you are missing on other social networks, you can build it.

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NOTIFICATIONS Well informed about things related to you
ACTIVITY STREAM Monitor work and communications at a glance
DASHBOARD Overview and fast access to the most important information
SOCIAL TOOLS Post, comment, follow, like and connect with other
USER PROFILES The digital business card for each user
SUBSCRIBES Organize and use your subscription emails offline
DIRECTORY Find spaces, users and groups in a sorted way
CHILD SPACES Create product specific child spaces controlled by one
PUBLIC ACCESS Share content also with non-registered users
SEARCH Find niches, discussions and files easily
MOBILE READY Use it with all kind of modern devices like smart phones and tablets
AND MORE We are constantly working with love on new features

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